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To start generating constant revenue with advertising systems such as Adsense, it is important to understand that it is constantly detected as shapes and sizes of sizes, formats and designs within each of the niche sites that must be used exclusively for such purposes. end. Within these tests it is important to consider the importance of keyword selection and the general SEO that can be done throughout our site and in each particular article to scale positions in the search engine.

But now I want us to dwell on each of these aspects and analyze them together as a checklist for your site with Google Adsense ads:

Larger ads: All platform ads have many more, ranging from the explicit and eye-catching of an ad to accidental clicks for posting, they always have better click-through ratios than other types of ads; although it is important not to abuse this type of ads in such a way that it can not be hindered for users who are looking for a non-intrusive browsing experience.

Better selection of keywords: When it comes to working with content, taking into account a series of keywords, can be a long-term positioning opportunity for a site that has just begun and that is viewed only with advertisements. This is an aspect that concerns SEO in a strategic way for each of the movements it offers in favor of improving web traffic and, of course, profits with it.

Greater extension in textual content: one of the most important advantages of a website over another is not only the quality of the content and the extension of it, which is associated with quality -although not always so sea allows the seeker to consider better one site over another, always taking into account that there are other elements that play for or against organic positioning and that are originality, periodicity and backlinking, just to name a few, but at the end they are weighted to give it a higher ranking to our site. This is something to always keep in mind if we want our income.

Better SEO by article: each one of the contents that we believe has to be thought based on a series of guidelines that include internal links, key words, key phrases, extension, originality, references, styles and structural guidelines of the textual narrative, metatags in images, labels and clearly themed sections and, above all, articles designed for the user in the same way as for the search engine, so that when both search for it, they meet their niche expectations.

More periodicity in specific content: a pre-selection option for keywords that interest us for certain articles and general thematic content diagrammed for the site, it is much easier to offer articles with a certain frequency on specific topics that we know that users of that niche they demand with assiduity. For example, if we have an Android blog it is much easier to make reviews about the applications that have more demand, which are growing, than about the innovative applications that know so much, less than less than Android applications. , of course, because in that way on your thematic website, you increase AdSense revenue only by having strategically focused on a highly demanded item by another of lower demand. Some of these things are mentioned here:

In general, I try not to talk about magic formulas and strategic results in relation to the expectations that many of the publishers who use Google Adsense on their sites to make money because there is a diverse variety of factors that can cooperate or hinder the elements that I have here and that plays in the dynamics of positioning in time.

What we know about SEO is that it works to the extent that each publisher of business sites is discovering the temperatures within their field of work but at the same time is encouraged to maintain a growing flow of users who want exclusive information.

The secret of those who use and earn money with Adsense has always been that and not another.

It is not surprising that over the years there have been countless micro-businesses dedicated exclusively to systematizing each of the elements mentioned above, but what is surprising is that even knowing that systems like Adsense work, many choose Do not increase your income by not having systematized this part of your business knowledge. Which is a mistake if we think of the internet as a seedbed of replicable strategies.

That is something that each of the owners of business sites should evaluate every so often and especially when trying to venture into other niches based on proven business models because this information – and its rapid application – is what can distance a site. that generates income in three months, in six months, in a year, of those that never generate it.